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Jessica Nickloy

2018-19 President

NAWBO-Indianapolis Board President


As you think of key milestones in your personal and professional life — moments that sparked new opportunities, lasting transformation and rewards — you’ll likely think of a girlfriend, mentor or confidant who opened a door, provided critical know-how or resources, or simply helped you see circumstances (and yourself) in a different light. Those are the moments we strive to replicate each day at NAWBO–Indianapolis.  

I’m honored to serve as your new President, and can’t wait to work alongside you to connect, engage, influence and grow women like you, propelling you into economic, social and political spheres of power. Already, we make up one of the largest of 60 chapters across the U.S. Our chapter’s size and affluence translate into real opportunities for you to accomplish goals you’ve long dreamed about with the help of your peers.

Growing pains, capital management and corporate stakeholders, HR issues… whatever challenge you’re facing today, women in this organization have been there, solved it, and arrived where you want to go. They can help you do the same. Likewise, you can help peers facing challenges you’ve conquered.

One way you can support fellow members and receive the support you need is to Think NAWBO First, before using non-NAWBO businesses. Recently, my company, Etica Group, acquired a fellow NAWBO–Indianapolis member’s company. From beginning to end, we thought of NAWBO  as the primary source of vendors, guidance and resources needed for that transition: banking, attorneys, marketing, company valuation, printing and more. I ask that you consider doing likewise, including your personal needs, from insuring your assets to getting healthy, planning your finances, and more.

I’m so excited for what we’ll accomplish together this year. Will you join me in Thinking NAWBO First and expanding your professional and personal reach? 


Wishing you much success,

Jessica Nickloy

President, NAWBO–Indianapolis