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11634 Maple Street

Suite 200

Fishers , IN 46038

Member Since: 02/02/2018

Business Description:

HFA is Refreshingly Abstract Art Gallery, Art Consulting and Private Event Venue. 

We consider ourselves contemporary art enthusiast, mindful creatives and avant-garde merchants, our goal is to find exceptional contemporary artists, giving you access to a wide variety of the best quality original artwork being produced today. Whether you like photography, prints, painting or sculpture—for your home or office space— you'll find a large selection of original art from local and nationally based artist on or at our gallery. 

HFA is a relaxed and friendly gallery where we encourage you to browse works on display, ask questions about our artists and art, attend our events and have us walk you through artworks in our inventory and services available.  Our gallery is designed to be versatile, unconventional and to inspire you through the beauty of art in a sleek high tech modern setting unlike no other. 

We want more people to enjoy the unique experience of collecting original art, so we strive to make art collecting as straightforward as possible. In addition to displaying prices and information about the artists next to the art on display, we won’t inflate prices to engage you in those awkward price negotiations.   We prefer to just price our artwork at fair retail value based on the size and quality of the work, cost of time and materials and artist resume.  We aren’t an auction pressing for sales and sales quotas or trying to convince you that your about to purchase the next Picasso.  That’s not who we are and not our business model.  Our model is about building trust and a community around original art and supporting professional artist.   Why spend hard earned money on massed produced pieces that lack inspiration when you can purchase something that speaks to you created by the minds and hands of an artist.

Because whether you’re an experienced collector or new to the experience we also offer leasing or art subscription options that allow local clients to either evaluate a piece before purchasing or simply refresh their surroundings by rotating their art. 

There are few possessions quite as personal and gratifying as a work of art. Our goal is to create more art enthusiast, help make walls talk with artistic creations and expose the value art brings and we in return as merchants and clients so our support for professional artist with a community vibe and individual experience.  We are confident that you will enjoy the art at HFA as well as the process of acquiring it.




  • Art Consulting
  • Art Brokerage
  • Art Gallery
  • Private Event Space
  • Art Retail

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