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Heather Zeto

Platinum Earth

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Platinum Earth is a dedicated Sustainability Firm founded in 2010 to fill a void in Indiana and the surrounding Midwest region by offering the building community a variety of sustainable building services.   Our clients are building owners, developers, property managers and architects looking to enhance the value of their building project as well as municipalities, school districts and corporations that recognize the return on investment that can be realized through optimizing occupant conditions, minimizing impact to environment and community and reducing operating costs through integrated design and construction. 


While there are many firms that include sustainability amongst its list of capabilities, at Platinum Earth, sustainability certification and consulting is our ONLY business. By leveraging our comprehensive ‘up-to-date’ knowledge and extensive hands-on practical experience in this specialized field, we can ensure that our clients’ objectives are met in an efficient, timely fashion.


Managing a sustainability project or devising a sustainability strategy is not the core competence of our typical client.  Being a specialist firm, Platinum Earth acts as your partner and leverages our ability to stay current with ever evolving standards with a wide array of dedicated tools and procedures honed through experience to maximize value to our clients.  'Time is money' is our ethos – let us help you meet your objectives in the most efficient way possible.


Sustainability initiatives are not uniformly mature across the country – at Platinum Earth, we recognize that for our clients, simply managing a project from ‘behind a desk’ won’t suffice. Whether it is helping our clients develop strategic policies, managing a LEED® project, or providing a full BREEAM assessment, we are committed to 'rolling up our sleeves' and being a full hands-on partner. At Platinum Earth we are committed to your success whether that means sitting behind a computer processing data, or jumping into a dumpster to audit waste.


We are not a company that has added sustainability consulting to our portfolio of services because it is currently trendy – it is our core competence and our passion. Regardless of the size of your project, we are committed to providing you with the same high level of service we pride ourselves in. Your success is our success, so we consider it our priority that we cross the finish-line together, not only meeting, but exceeding your goals. 


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