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Mutual of Omaha

Silver Corporate Partner

Life is a funny thing; exciting, challenging, peaceful, chaotic and imperfect.

And then perhaps there is that unexpected call, text or event and our lives change, our world changes.

As a representative of Mutual of Omaha, I work each day helping clients pursue their life’s vision and to protect them from the life changing unknown. Insurance and financial products are only as good as the company that offers them and the representatives that back them up. As a company, Mutual of Omaha has been offering help to individuals, families and businesses for over 110 years, and they are very good at what they do. As for me, when a client or one of their family members receive that call or text, that is when I receive a contact, from them. This is when the real work begins, but we’ve got this because we planned for the vision, prepared for the unknown.

Life is a funny thing…a wonderful thing, made even more wonderful when you are prepared and have a friend that you can call on when you need them.  A friend like me!

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